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Mega Moolah: One of Microgaming’s Biggest Hits

One of the most established names in the casino industry, Microgaming has been on the internet gambling scene since the beginning. Microgaming released their very first online casino in 1994 (the same year internet gambling was born), becoming one of the first operators on the scene. Since then, Microgaming has released hundreds of titles, but none of them have seen the same level of success as Mega Moolah, aka The Millionaire Maker.

Mega Moolah was designed for every dreamer out there who wants to win big playing slots. As one of the biggest progressive slots online, Mega Moolah regularly awards jackpots worth millions. Progressive slots are individual slot games that are all connected to a network that collects a small portion of each wager, which is contributed to the jackpot amount. Depending on the size of the network, progressive slots jackpots can be some of the biggest payouts casinos make.

Mega Moolah doesn’t release the number of games it has tied to the network, but you can be sure it’s a very large number. It has to be to regularly reach its enormous progressive jackpot numbers. Progressive slots are very appealing to gamblers, who gladly risk a handful of coins to win millions.

Microgaming supplies their games to many online casinos, and you can bet that Mega Moolah is among the favorites. Just last month, the slot awarded 3.7 millions Euros to one lucky player. And that happens all the time. To date Mega Moolah has paid out well more than one-hundred million dollars/Euros. That alone is enough to whet the appetite of many slot players, who all want to hit a jackpot.

Another big draw that the game offers is its mobile compatibility. Mobile is becoming such a big part of online gambling that now smartphone developers are designing features that will help players access and enjoy mobile gambling even more. Mega Moolah has always been player focused, which pushed them to create a mobile version of their game early on. In fact, the game awarded their first mobile jackpot in 2013, and have had six mobile jackpot winners since then.

It’s hard to say if Microgaming purposefully set out to create one of the biggest online slots to date, but that’s what they’ve done. Without a doubt, Mega Moolah is one of the company’s biggest successes.

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