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Why are More People Gambling Online than in Casinos?

The introduction of the internet changed everything, especially gambling. One of the world’s favorite pastimes, global gambling is expected to grow to a $635 billion dollar industry by 2022. Internet gambling is a major driver for this estimate, especially mobile gambling. But why are people flocking to gamble online instead of taking a vacation to their favorite gambling destination?

Money is the real reason. Look at it this way. The average visitor to Las Vegas spends $827 during their stay. Not all of that is devoted to gambling. Tourists also spend money in the shops, and on dining and live entertainment. Don’t forget room costs. The sheer cost of traveling can cut deep into a gambler’s bankroll, which is why more gamblers are turning to the internet.

If you haven’t been to an online casino before, you’re in for a bit of a shock. The largest and best online casinos offer just about every game at every wager level. Slots, video and live poker, keno, and all varieties of table games. The level of sophistication on display is impressive. Brilliant graphics, dynamic sound, and immersive game themes and narratives are a sensory delight. This isn’t the smoky, crowded casino floor you’ve experienced in the past.

Beyond that, online casinos offer their players a wide range of bonuses and promotions, which can be used to win real money. Physical casinos would rather give you another drink or maybe a free meal than a free chance to win their money. Take the slots bonus, which is one of the most claimed bonuses by internet gamblers. This bonus gives players a number of free spins on their favorite slot machine.

Not only are gamblers getting incredible perks, a huge selection of their favorite games, and the convenience of anytime-anywhere gambling, they’re saving travel money and increasing their bankroll all at the same time.

Does this mean gambling destinations like Vegas and Monte Carlo are going to fade away? No, not at all. These incredible destinations will thrive as they always have, even if less people are gambling. Now, you find tourists spending their money more on entertainment, dining, and shopping. Rather than sitting at a blackjack table all afternoon, they’re lounging poolside and searching for the newest celebrity restaurant.

Think about this when planning your next gambling vacation. You might want to make it stay-cation instead.

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